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jeep7These memorable adventure trips are undertaken on four-wheel-drive vehicles over thrilling off-road trails penetrating most of the remote and unspoilt Northern Areas of Pakistan. The Safaris travel over winding trails; crossing high mountain passes like Babusar Pass (4,145m), Shandur Pass (3,720m), Lowari Pass (3,200m) and visiting the picturesque and culturally rich valleys of Kalash, Ghizar, Yasin, Ishkuman, Hunza, Astor, Hushe and many many more.

These are multi-faceted journeys through an area steeped in history and culture; tracing the routes taken by Alexander, Marco Polo, the great Hsuan-Tsang and many other invaders, travellers and pilgrims who traversed the ancient Silk Route and it’s off shoots to reach their destinations and trading posts at Gilgit, Skardu, Chitral or Kashgar.

Four-wheeling through three of the world’s greatest mountain ranges (the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush) almost every day of travel presents a new valley with it’s own unique landscape, culture, dresses and dwellings. Even the languages change from one valley to the next. It’s a journey of astonishing contrasts, from lush green valleys to stark barren mountains; from picturesque sleepy lakes to thundering rivers; and from snow covered peaks to high altitude deserts.

jeep3Every Jeep-Safari is accompanied by a support-jeep which carries kitchen equipment, tents and other supplies on the road, nights are spent in comfortable and roomy 2-person tents (in places where there are no hotels). The facilities of a mess tent, kitchen tent and toilet tent are always available at the campsite. Generally, every jeep carries four itinerants plus the driver. Our Safaris are also offered in combination with Treks, Pony-Treks and City-Sightseeing Trips.

We offer Mountain Jeep Safaris from June to October with duration ranging from 7 to 30 days covering the Northern Areas of Pakistan. You can either choose a Safari from the given selection of model itineraries or kindly contact us for a complete list of these trips and prices.