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Despite having immense potential, Pakistan is the neglected country of Asian tourism.  Visitors to the Indo-Pak Subcontinent tend to head straight for India or Nepal; perhaps under the impression that Pakistan lacks mountain vistas, deserts, beaches or distinctive cultures and customs. That is absolutely false. In fact, Pakistan offers all of these and more. But, most importantly, because the annual number of visitors to our country is very small compared to neighboring India or Nepal, a traveller or trekker in Pakistan can still feel very much a pioneer, travelling through a land rich in scenic beauty, culture & history without meeting many other tourist groups.

Trans-Pakistan Adventure Services was formed in 1990 by a team of highly experienced and qualified travel industry professionals who have over the past 22 years contributed pioneering work in this field, through numerous new and exciting ideas in adventure and cultural tourism throughout Pakistan. We are based in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, which lies at the foothills of the great Himalayas and is also the gateway to the enchantingly beautiful Northern Areas of our country.

Ours is a service-oriented company firmly believing in providing quality services with safety and comfort of our guests being the first priority. You can only enjoy your holidays if at ease and relaxed, knowing that the planning for your holidays has been done meticulously with your safety and well-being in mind. Because we do not compromise safety over cost, therefore, we are not the cheapest in the market but very reasonably priced considering that we provide the best available transport, good quality equipment, highly trained guides and cooks, a hygienic field kitchen with plenty of quality food and a personalized service. We strongly believe in environmentally responsible tourism practices and are signatories to the PATA “Code for Environmentally Responsible Tourism”.

The experience and expertise of our team, in the arrangements and logistics of Adventure and Cultural trips combined with an extensive range of camping facilities and equipment at our disposal, enables us to provide personalized and efficient services of high quality for almost all kinds of outdoor activities, tours and expeditions through-out Pakistan; all year round

One of the main features setting us apart from other tour operators, is that besides offering the normal trips over well known routes and areas, Trans-Pakistan is always on the look-out for new remote and unknown destinations of which Pakistan has plenty. This is why each year our product development team undertakes surveys of remote areas offering distinct and unique features, cultures or customs, be it in the mountains, deserts, rivers or the coastal regions. In these new areas, Exploratory Trips are offered for those special travellers, who want to experience the thrill and excitement of pioneering new routes into areas hardly penetrated by outsiders. The rewards are obvious as one discovers the untouched way of life with all its rituals and customs preserved by the isolation of these areas.

We offer all-inclusive services for tours, treks, safaris and beach-adventure trips with featurable snorkeling, fishing, boating & crabbing, mountaineering expeditions, film/fashion photography shoots and logistical support for scientific research projects. Tours can easily be tailored according to the requirements and wishes of our valued clients; for both groups and FIT’s. Extensions and combination tours with regional countries like China, Nepal, India, Central Asia and Iran are also offered.

It is a matter of great pleasure for us to present to you at this web-site a summary of various exciting journeys, the services we offer plus information about our diversely beautiful country and, certainly, we look forward to your enquiries hoping to have the privilege of being your local hosts in the near future.