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The geographical area comprising Pakistan has been the cradle of some of the most ancient and greatest civilizations the world has seen, giving it a very rich and diverse cultural heritage which manifests itself in  hundreds of festivals held all over the country, every year. The festivals are held not only in the cities and towns but also in remote villages at different times of the year.

These festivals and fairs include animal markets, horse and camel races, Camel wrestling, folk dance and music shows, handicraft stalls besides various other activities reflecting the local culture and customs.



As these fairs are held at different times of the year  all over the country, a visit to one of these can easily be included in your tour program. Following are some of the interesting festivals held in Pakistan. Please contact us for full details and confirmed dates of the fairs and festivals.


1)   SIBI MELA: – Sibi lies 163 Kms. – 3 hrs. drive to the south east of Quetta at the mouth of the famous “Bolan Pass”. Since the 15th century, this town has been the meeting place of all the tribal chiefs of the area. The British carried on this tradition in the shape of an annual “Darbar” or meeting, combining it with a ‘Mela” (fair) where thousands of Baluchi tribesmen gathered along with their animals in mid February. This tradition still carries on and every year during February, Sibi has its famous SIBI MELA, where tribesmen flock from all over Baluchistan, parts of Sind and Punjab with their animals. The salient features of this “Mela” are horse and cattle and cultural shows, tent pegging, camel races, animal markets and exhibitions of handicrafts, tribal dresses and folk dances.festivals3

2)   SILK ROUTE FESTIVAL:-  This unique festival has recently been introduced and takes place along the Karakoram Highway in the high valleys  of  Karakoram mountains at different locations for a week. As the theme of the festival is the ancient Silk Route so most of the ethnic cultures and communities along the Silk Route from

South China, Kyrgyztan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhistan, to Turkmenistan participate in this event reflecting the work of their artisans, craftsmen and folk musicians. It is indeed a rare opportunity to get to know  all these different cultures in one place at  this annual event.

3)   HORSE AND CATTLE SHOW: – Held every year in the famous Moghal city of Lahore during end October – early November, this festival features livestock from all over Pakistan, folk dancing, tent pegging, horse and camel dancing, tattoo show and many other colorful and interesting events.
4)   FOLK HERITAGE FESTIVAL: – Held annually at Islamabad during the month of October, this colour-full festival features cultural groups from all over Pakistan exhibiting their handicrafts, folk dances and music. Pavilions reflecting the life styles of different regions are on display besides various other interesting events. festivals9
Besides the above-mentioned festivals there are many others taking place in small and remote villages featuring colorful events and activities indigenous to these areas. For further information and details of these little known fairs,