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Pakistan covers an area three times the size of England and can aptly be called the “land of diverse attractions”. The diversity of its landscapes, distinct cultures and customs, festivals and artisans, music and folk lore are not very well known to most outsiders. Tourism is in its infancy and very few areas both in the north and south of our country receive many tourists.

There are vast areas that are very remote, without proper roads and are very sparsely populated. A good example is the province of Baluchistan that covers 42% of Pakistan’s total area but has only 4% of the population. Most of its vast deserts, oasis, mountains, rivers and beaches are yet unexplored by most outsiders.

Similarly, Pakistan has almost 30,000 square kilometers of mountain areas, with four of the greatest mountain ranges converging in the north of our country offering very diverse landscapes and cultures. From lush green valleys and mountainsides of the western Himalayas to the awe-inspiring vistas of the barren high altitude deserts of the mighty Karakorams – all these are there, waiting to be explored, as very few of these areas have been visited by outsiders, partly due to their remoteness but mostly because very few people outside of Pakistan, know about the unique attraction of these places.

Trans-Pakistan’s product development team makes regular surveys of selected remote areas, which offer distinct features and cultures to chalks out programs for exploratory tours.

These exciting trips explore remote areas hardly penetrated by outsiders and are best suited for those travel enthusiasts who want to experience the excitement of pioneering new routes and discovering new cultures and customs. The group size for these trips is small (maximum 10 persons) and accommodation is mainly in tents accompanied by a field kitchen.  We arrange all permissions and permits for these trips in advance so your time in Pakistan is not wasted.

We are offering several very exciting Exploratory trips both for winters  and summers. Please consult the “Model Itineraries” section, for details of these programs.

Kindly choose a programs from the given model itineraries and contact us for details and prices.