Boat Safari

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boatsafari4The mighty Indus River was also known as the Lion River by the Indo-Aryans who believed the river flowed from SINH-KA-BAB: “the mouth of the lion”. It gave birth to the famous Indus Civilization which flourished along its banks from 2500 B.C to 1500 B.C. It is 3200 kilometers long and the third longest river in Asia. River Indus is Pakistan’s lifeline. The River and its tributaries (Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Jhelum) provide water for the largest irrigation system in the world with about 64000 kilometers of canals.

The Indus rises in Tibet and passing through Ladakh in northern India it enters Pakistan from Baltistan and initially flows northwestwards. The river separates the Himalayan and the Karakoram mountain ranges, plunging through some of the world’s deepest gorges. It finally turns South towards the plains of Punjab and Sind and continues longitudinally into the Arabian Sea. Trans-Pakistan operates Boat-Safaris on the Indus River and it’s tributaries during the winter months. These Journeys provide fascinating glimpses of rural life in the villages & settlements along the riverbanks.

The trips are undertaken on local 60 foot-long wooden boats on the Indus and Chenab rivers in the Province of Punjab. Generally this trip is for THREE days but we can offer longer or shorter Boat-Safaris on request. Days are spent visiting with the riparian locals at their villages and nomad-settlements and in observing the large numbers of aquatic birds: which are in great numbers as this area falls in their winter migratory routes. On the Indus River one can also observe the famous “Blind Dolphin” during the safari. At night, we camp along the banks. After partaking dinner, enjoy local music and dances performed by the boatmen around the campfire. Every Safari is accompanied by a kitchen boat which prepares excellent food for the group and stores all the equipment and luggage. Nights are spent in spacious 2-person tents on the riverbanks.

The best time for Boat Safaris is from MID NOVEMBER to MID MARCH. You can either follow one of the given model itineraries or contact us for prices and further options.