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One of the most exciting and exotic regions to explore in Pakistan is the Province of Baluchistan.Covering an area of 347190 sq. kms. it forms the largest province of Pakistan. It covers 44 percent of the land surface but has a population of only 4.5 million (around 4%); making it… Read more »

Boat Safari

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Need to pay for a ticket to Pakistan? Play pocket casino games at a Canadian mobile casino and win cash prizes to pay for your ticket. The mighty Indus River was also known as the Lion River by the Indo-Aryans who believed the river flowed from SINH-KA-BAB: “the mouth of… Read more »

Bird Watching

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PAKISTAN is a land of very varied topography and climate. So, its flora and fauna is rich in variety and numbers. Two major Zoogeographical zones overlap along the length of Pakistan and even the third faunal zone, which is over Africa, has its influence in extreme southern Pakistan. Bird life… Read more »


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These memorable adventure trips are undertaken on four-wheel-drive vehicles over thrilling off-road trails penetrating most of the remote and unspoilt Northern Areas of Pakistan. The Safaris travel over winding trails; crossing high mountain passes like Babusar Pass (4,145m), Shandur Pass (3,720m), Lowari Pass (3,200m) and visiting the picturesque and culturally… Read more »


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These thrilling Trips on mountain bikes cover most parts of Pakistan’s Northern Areas travelling on both metalled roads and mountain jeep-trails. All the routes are interesting and picturesque while some of them involve crossing high mountain passes and jeep-tracks which wind across the valleys and mountains. Trans-Pakistan has prepared exciting… Read more »

Exploratory Tours

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Pakistan covers an area three times the size of England and can aptly be called the “land of diverse attractions”. The diversity of its landscapes, distinct cultures and customs, festivals and artisans, music and folk lore are not very well known to most outsiders. Tourism is in its infancy and… Read more »


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An ideal trip for those adventure lovers interested in the historical cities of the Pakistan as well as the cultures and customs of its remote villages. Upon arrival at Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, explore some of the finest examples of Mughal architecture in Pakistan. Visit the 17th century… Read more »

Camel Safari

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These exciting trips are undertaken on camelback in the Cholistan and Thal deserts of Punjab, Thar desert in Sind and the Nushki and Kharan deserts of Baluchistan. In Cholistan the Safaris follow the dried-up bed of the ancient river Hakra (also known as Sarvasti), visiting many ancient forts and nomad… Read more »

Cultural Tours

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Pakistan offers its visitors a unique excursion through the legacy of a rich history and a natural environment unspoilt by the stress and strain of the space age. Yet, it is serviced by most  modern facilities. Though still a young country, Pakistan has a strong cultural heritage. Its geographical area… Read more »


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Despite having immense potential, Pakistan is the neglected country of Asian tourism.  Visitors to the Indo-Pak Subcontinent tend to head straight for India or Nepal; perhaps under the impression that Pakistan lacks mountain vistas, deserts, beaches or distinctive cultures and customs. That is absolutely false. In fact, Pakistan offers all… Read more »